Location: Wenatchee, WA
Facility: Central Washington Hospital
Schedule: Pool Position
Shift: Variable Shifts
Hours: Variable on call only

Job Description

***Please note: this is a pool position, no guaranteed hours***

Position Summary:

  • A clinical competent, registered, professional nurse who delivers care to patients through the nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, implementation, and evaluation. Effectively interacts with patient, significant others, and other health team members, while maintaining standards of professional nursing. (Washington State Nurse Practice Act, WAC, ANA Code of Ethics).
  • As an active member of the Central Washington Hospital Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner team, the Nurse Examiner provides forensic examinations, crisis intervention, and support to the sexual assault victim. The Nurse Examiner is accountable for medical discharge planning for the sexual assault victim, in coordination with community resources and, when necessary, provides factual witness testimony and acts as liaison with prosecuting attorney.
Essential Functions:
  • Essential Functions:
    • Demonstrate autonomous nursing practice:
      • Pediatric and adult assessment skills.
      • Knowledge and ability in the use of colposcopic equipment.
      • Ability to read and interpret photo documentation.
    • Exhibits interpersonal skills and professionalism that promotes a positive functioning unit. Refers unresolved conflicts via chain of command.
      • Active participation in problem-solving all identified issues.
      • Follows through on problems that may compromise patient care by using the appropriate chain of command.
    • Assumes responsibility for self evaluation/self improvement.
      • Meets Central Washington hospital continuing education requirements.
      • Meets annual forensic nursing requirements.
      • Consistently advocates and functions within the guidelines of the Washington Nurse Practice Act and keeps current with the legal aspects of nursing.
      • Shares equally in on-call time for SANE program.
    • Coordinates patient care, utilizing the nursing process.
      • Utilizing Central Washington Hospital Standards of Nursing Practice, demonstrates appropriate age-specific assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the patient’s care.
      • Collects and documents the patient’s health history. Complete admission database and other assessment tools as defined by SANE policy.
      • Identifies stressors, coping skills, strengths, and areas of concern for patient improvement with the patient/family.
      • Assess home environment and identifies discharge needs.
      • Gathers information and data from non-licensed assistive personnel to use in developing an individual plan of care for each patient.
      • Makes accurate and ongoing assessment of patient’s status and responds appropriately.
      • Documents accurate assessment of patient’s status.
      • Documentation reflects nursing interventions and patient’s response, patient’s needs, problems, capabilities and limitations.
      • Teaches patient/family and/or significant others appropriate health information. Provides written informational material.
      • Evaluates discharge plan. Makes appropriate community resource referrals.
    • Provides care for patients including, administration of medications and/or treatments.
      • Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to SANE policy, procedures, and standards of care and practice.
      • Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to SANE competencies.
      • Demonstrates ability to handle emergency situations in a prompt, precise and professional manner.
      • Demonstrates ability to delegate appropriately to non-licensed assistive personnel.
      • Compassionately gives personal patient care to provide comfort and well-being to the patient, acknowledging physiological and psychosocial needs.
      • Demonstrates ability and appropriate technical skills when administering treatments and procedures in accordance with physician’s orders, and SANE policy and procedure.
      • Notes and enters order per nursing policy.
      • Assures verbal orders are written and co-signed by ordering physician within time frame of nursing policy.
    • Accurately and concisely processes information.
      • Communicates appropriate information to physicians, CPS, law enforcement, and other health team members in a timely manner.
      • Demonstrates accurate and timely documentation neatly and legibly according to SANE form guidelines.
      • Accurately transcribes physician orders according to nursing policy and procedure.
      • Accurately charges for patient supplies.
    • Maintains a safe and sanitary work environment
      • Maintains a clean, neat, and safe environment for patient and staff according to hospital and unit policies
      • Demonstrates correct and safe technique in the use of equipment according to specific product information and policy and procedure manuals.
      • Follows appropriate procedure for obtaining and returning or cleaning/disposing of equipment and supplies.
      • Immediately removes and sends broken/malfunctioning equipment to Engineering Department with a tag stating the problem.
      • Maintains universal precautions at all times.
    • Collaborates with hospital personnel and physicians.
      • Communicates with physicians effectively on an as needed basis.
      • Collaborates with other nurses and health team members to develop an appropriate plan of care when necessary.
    • Actively participates in unit-based quality improvement program.
      • Demonstrates an ongoing awareness of, and participation in the unit-based quality improvement program.
      • Recognizes and strives to do the right thing the first time, on time, every time.
      • Demonstrates ability to continuously look for ways to improve patient care.
      • Participates in identifying opportunities for improvement and assists in developing new innovations.
      • Supports the hospital quality goals.
      • Maintains current standard of practice by attending a minimum of twelve (12) hours continuing education per year in forensic nursing.
    • Adheres to Hospital/Nursing policy.
      • Dresses according to Central Washington Hospital’s Dress Code policy, specifically the nursing-specific Dress Code policy.
      • Is conscientious in regard to personal hygiene.
      • Complies with specific hospital and departmental policies concerning safety and/or disaster plans.
      • Complies with specific hospital policy and procedure concerning infection control, variance, and injury reporting.
  • Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.
  • Required:
    • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing (NLN standard)
    • Minimum one year with a recommended three years of nursing service
    • Current licensure in the state of Washington as a registered nurse or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
    • Attend and successfully complete all didactic and clinical components of a SANE training program.
    • Must possess basic computer skills related to Windows navigation, mouse usage, keyboarding, email communication and password management.
  • Desired:
    • Not Specified
Additional Information

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