Location: Wenatchee, WA
Facility: Central Washington Hospital
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Day Shift

Job Description

Position Summary:

  • Physical Therapy:
    • Transport patients, set up equipment, assists therapist in patient’s treatment as needed.
    • Keep department and equipment neat and orderly.
  • Occupational Therapy:
    • Assist Therapist and independently treats patient in activities of daily living.
    • Distribute, maintain and order equipment as needed.
  • Speech Therapy:
    • Transport patient to and from swallow studies.
    • Sets up food needed for swallow study.
Essential Functions:
    • Functional Competencies: Has knowledge and skills to effectively and consistently perform the following duties and responsibilities.
      • Transport patient safely and efficiently.
      • Set up treatment area appropriately with necessary equipment as instructed by therapist.
      • Position and drape patient properly.
      • Use of necessary transporting equipment, e.g., wheelchair, hi-lo cart, medi-chairs, geri-chairs.
      • Keep treatment area and gym neat and orderly. Clean equipment properly.
      • Knowledgeable of cleaning procedures and schedules of department and equipment.
      • Neatly stock and rotate linen.
      • Assist therapist with patient treatment as requested.
      • Meet all infection control standards and attend mandatory educational meetings.
      • Keep lounge in an orderly fashion, clean all dishware daily.
      • Monitor patient charges and enter into computer daily.
      • Lock up department if last to leave. Discard dirty laundry, turn off all equipment and lighting as advised, turn off computers, and place phones on hold.
      • Perform other duties as assigned.
    • Observation Competencies: Those things observed with in the department or organization that need attention or improvement.
      • Observe and report patient’s general condition and any pertinent information about patient from other hospital staff.
      • Observe and report any defective equipment. Tag equipment as defective, inform Bio-Med. And inform Rehab staff.
      • Monitor equipment stock, and advice Home Infusion, ordering staff, or materials management when supplies need restocked or ordered.
    • Knowledge and Skill: To communicate effectively and consistently with all levels of the organization.
      • Listening: Seek first to understand, listen empathetically make a point of talking regularly with all staff in work area.
      • Informing: Shares information openly and willingly attends meetings with openness, explores alternatives, and communicates availability to therapist and staff.
      • Skill: Communicates level of skill or knowledge to therapist and staff.
    • Decision Making: Has knowledge and skill to make appropriate and feasible decisions.
      • Planning: Exhibits proactive behavior by anticipating problems and identifying opportunities with early intervention. Plans long-term objectives and strategies for the organization unit or team. Sets priorities; translates strategy into actions & determines what resources are needed to carry out a task or project. Coordinates and determines how to improve productivity and effectiveness
      • Problem Solving: Identify problems using valid, logical, data-based information. Consults parties involved directly to come to a cognitive solution, if one can not be reached, address problem with management and/or during departmental meetings
      • Consulting: Seeks input or feedback from other departments in the organization. Checks with people before making changes that effect them. Encourage participation in decision making
    • Cross Training: Has knowledge and skill to effectively and consistently perform in cross trained areas in a three month period of time. Cross training will be assigned at the Directors’ discretion.
      • Physical Therapy Acute Care
      • Physical Therapy TCU
      • Physical Therapy Wound Care
      • Physical Therapy Outpatient
      • Occupational Therapy Acute Care
      • Occupational Therapy TCU
      • Speech Therapy Swallow Study
      • CardioPulmonary therapy
      • Rehab Office
    • Pool Work:
      • Available to anyone under 80 hours / pay period.
      • Accepts work 75% of the time with 24 hours notice.
      • Called in on a rotation basis.
      • Cross-trained to all areas.
      • Have not met regular position hours first.
    • Low Census:
      • Taken in rotation.
      • Taken after all other work is done.
      • Preferable to limit overtime.
  • Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.
  • Required:
    • High school diploma or equivalent.
    • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS).
    • Good organizational skills.
    • Good interpersonal skills.
    • Motivated, positive attitude.
    • Must possess basic computer skills related to Windows navigation, mouse usage, accurate keyboarding, email communication and password management.
Additional Information

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