Location: Wenatchee, WA
Facility: Central Washington Hospital
Schedule: Full Time; 3 - 12 hours shifts
Shift: Day/Evening Shift

Job Description

Position Summary:

Functions as vital member of the OR team assuming responsibility for the scrub position during surgical intervention. Maintains a safe environment by implementing technical and aseptic practices according to AORN Standards and Central Washington Hospital policies and procedures.

Essential Functions:

1. Address patients, visitors, families, and co-workers in a pleasant and respectful manner: display courtesy at all times.

2. Respond quickly and appropriately to inquiries and requests.

3. Assist co-workers without being asked.

4. Display an unhurried and caring manner with visitors, families, and co-workers when performing duties.

5. Maintain confidentiality of all patient-hospital or physician related information. Refrain from gossip and speak in low tones in all appropriate areas.

6. Demonstrate a pleasing disposition and sensitivity to visitors’, families, and co-workers’ needs.

7. Perform related assignments as requested in order to promote positive visitor, family, and co-worker relations.

Communicate, cooperate and perform related duties with other co-workers in your department and in other departments in a courteous and efficient manner to achieve overall hospital goals and objectives.

Greet all visitors, families, and co-workers, patients and physicians in a courteous, respectful and professional manner at all times. Respond to all visitors, clients, families, and co-workers with empathy and positive interpersonal skills at all times.

Handle all requests with a positive attitude at the time the request is made.

Assume the responsibility for maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with all those working or being cared for in the hospital, outpatient, or home setting .

Demonstrate a commitment to providing the highest and most reliable quality service available on a daily basis.

Strive for positive change in your work area. Cooperate with team members in a constructive and supportive manner.

Be responsible for addressing inappropriate or unacceptable behavior on the part of a co-worker(s) in your department.

Demonstrate ethical conduct and practices.

8. Performs all duties outlined in the Certified Surgical Technologist job description and the attached surgical procedure list for entry level, proficient, and expert practitioners.

9. Encourage the professional growth of their surgical technologist colleagues.

10. Proficient in surgical procedures in a variety of services:

11. Demonstrates knowledge of the various surgical equipment and surgical instrumentation.

12. Demonstrates positive attitude and aptitude and serves as a mentor and role model.

13. Identifies learning needs and professional self-improvement needs for the Surgical Technologist and Central Processing technicians.

14. Performs in the preceptor role in the training of students, new and current staff members to ensure success-in conjunction with the Clinical Manager.

15. Provide patient care applying principles of asepsis.

16. Learn surgical procedures and subjects relating to operating room/surgical patient.

17. Maintains a clean, neat, efficient and safe environment for patients and staff.-

18. Use surgical instruments and equipment and know their specific uses in procedures.

19. Function within legal limitations and scope of practice.

20. Recognize own limitations and seek assistance accordingly.

21. Demonstrate knowledge of types of patient conditions.

22. Identify structure/function of body parts and common disorders.

23. Assist team members by setting up/maintaining sterile field; break down room following a case.

24. Demonstrates proper use of instruments, suture and stapling devices.

25. Demonstrates correct and safe technique in the use of equipment according to specific product information.

26. Follows appropriate procedure for obtaining and returning or cleaning/disposing of equipment and supplies.

27. Locate supplies and equipment.

28. Prepares instrumentation, supplies and equipment according to surgeon preference card and procedure.

29. Report and recognize faulty equipment/unsafe conditions.

30. Accurately performs all sponge, needle and instrument counts at appropriate times.

31. Saves and properly identifies all specimens according to department policy and procedure.

32. Other duties as assigned.

33. Demonstrate flexibility in response to changes in work volume, staffing, emergencies, or scheduling.

34. Demonstrates ability to handle emergency situations in a prompt, precise and professional manner.

35. Participate in orientation of new employees; assist other OR personnel in learning new equipment/procedures.

36. Demonstrate positive, supportive behavior toward patient/family/staff/co-workers.

37. Observes and respects the confidentiality of information in regard to patients, doctors, and fellow employees.

38. Identify problem area of unit and equipment and deal with them appropriately.

39. Attend educational/information activities/attend minimum of 75% of staff meeting.

40. Respond positively to supervision/suggestions.

41. Comply with hospital standards, policies, and procedures.

42. Enhance the image of Surgical Technologist to other staff and public

43. Evaluate own physical health/emotional stability.

44. Handle stress in a positive manner and maintain emotional control.

45. Complies with call-in times and policies. Respond quickly when on call.

46. Maintain good personal/professional appearance

47. Required to take call as rotation requires after hours/weekends/holidays.

Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.



    • Graduate of an accredited school of Surgical Technology.

    • Current Washington State Surgical Technologist registration.

    • National Certification by the Association of Surgical Technologists within one year of hire and recertification as needed.

    • May consider LPN if trained in the scrubbing role dependent upon experience and knowledge base.

    • Certified in CPR and recertified annually.

    • Must possess basic computer skills related to Windows navigation, mouse usage, keyboarding, email communication and password management.


    • Not Specified.

Additional Information

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