Laboratory Assistant

Location: Wenatchee, WA
Facility: Central Washington Hospital
Schedule: Pool Position
Shift: Day/Night Shift
Hours: Pool

Job Description


Position Summary:

  • Performs laboratory procedures in phlebotomy(both venous & arterial blood draws) and EKG. Inputs collection and receipt times into Laboratory Information System, cancels and orders tests as necessary.
Essential Functions:
  • Essential Functions:
    • Maintains phlebotomy cart in a sanitary and properly supplied condition at all times.
    • Greets patients in a courteous manner.
    • Verifies correct patient by checking 2 patient identifiers.
    • Uses proper technique in obtaining blood samples.
    • Draws blood properly and rarely misses a vein on any patient.
    • Labels the test tube immediately after procedure is completed with patient name, second identifier, date, time and employee ID number.
    • Disposes of used needles after use in sharpes containers, and does not recap needles
    • Uses time between test to departmental advantage by filling in with office work, assisting technical staff, performing general cleaning duties, putting away supplies, or performing other duties as necessary.
    • Seeks information or asks for assistance from appropriate personnel regarding patients who present difficulties.
    • Demonstrates competence in all procedures required by a phlebotomist in accordance with institutional policies, particular emphasis on blood samples and EKGs.
    • Obeys institutional policies and procedures regarding patient care, with special attention to biohazard procedures.
    • Knows various needles, anticoagulants, special handling, and preparation of tests that are to be performed.
    • Assists in orientation of new staff members as necessary.
    • Recognizes how the phlebotomist’s position and duties relate to the overall function of the laboratory and the hospital in view of patient care.
    • Assists in training new employees or students in phlebotomy
    • Demonstrates competence in drawing and processing specimens.
      • neonate – pediatric — adult — geriatric
    • Demonstrates understanding of specimen handling for referral testing. Able to set up add maintain a process for handling specimens for referral testing.
    • Orients / trains employees in handling of specimens to be referred to another lab for testing.
    • Follows through on tests or procedures left from a previous shift, and reports any incomplete assignments to assure continuity of procedures.
    • Coordinates tests to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency during assigned shift.
    • Attends to personal affairs to avoid interfering with work schedule
    • Limits personal telephone calls
    • Demonstrates an ability to assess the situation, consider alternatives, and choose the appropriate action
    • Performs duties in an independent manner.
    • Recognizes and performs duties that need to be performed although not directly assigned; regularly helps others.
    • Seeks guidance and direction as necessary for the performance of duties.
    • Assumes responsibility for ongoing professional development and continuing education.
    • Maintains supplies and orders as necessary.
    • Reports to supervisor any suggestion for positive changes or recommendations in department policies and procedures.
    • Increases knowledge of overall operation of the department in areas such as office procedures, ordering of supplies, and availability of reports.
    • Performs as a self-starter who needs no reminders of duties and tasks that need to be completed.
    • Participates in quality improvement activities to improve the quality of patient service.
    • Identifies problems and opportunities to improve patient services.
    • Reviews employee policies and procedures regularly to maintain a complete understanding of hospital regulations and new relevant and pertinent information.
    • Completes all mandatory in-service requirements.
    • Adapts to changes in methods and procedures with ease and confidence.
    • Strives to be an effective and productive member of the laboratory staff.
    • Maintains a professional appearance at all times; inspires patients, family, staff, and visitor confidence by communicating and working in a professional manner.
    • Supports hospital goals and philosophy.
    • Accepts and profits from constructive criticism; evaluates errors and changes accordingly.
    • Treats coworkers, patients, and physicians with respect, courtesy, and professionalism.
    • Establishes a good rapport and cooperative working relationship with members of the laboratory department, nursing, and physician.
    • Works well with supervisors and those in authority positions.
    • Handles telephone communications with courtesy, accuracy, and respect for confidentiality.
    • Communicates with empathy and positive interpersonal skills.
    • Avoids personality conflicts or being critical of others.
    • Demonstrates ability to help others in the department and still complete all assigned tasks.
    • Volunteers to adjust personal schedule in conjunction with the process of departmental scheduling and departmental need.
  • Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.
  • Required:
    • High School graduate.
    • Medical Assistant Phlebotomist (MA-P) eligible.
    • Must possess basic computer skills related to Windows navigation, mouse usage, accurate keyboarding, email communication and password management.
  • Desired:
    • Experience preferred, but will train individuals who have completed course work and/or other applicable experience.
    • Basic understanding of microbiology process.
Additional Information

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