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Your First Day & New Employee Orientation

What to expect on your first day at New Employee Welcome (NEW)
Dr. Andrew JonesBy now you’ve had your Employee Health evaluation, completed your onboarding requirements and are ready to begin your career at Confluence Health. We are honored to have you on the team and look forward to meeting you on your first day!

New Employee Welcome, or NEW, is your first official day of work and we are looking forward to spending time with you. Specific information for your location will be provided before your first day.

- Dr. Jones, CEO

General information about to what to expect at NEW

  • You will receive your employee badge and orientation schedule.
  • Organizational and Leadership Development Team Members and Organizational Leaders will be available to welcome you, lead discussions and answer your questions.
  • This day will cover Confluence Health as an organization and what makes us who we are (Hint: it’s our employees!)
  • Information provided will include Confluence Health’s Mission, Vision and Values, peak employee experiences, personal information regarding employment, benefits, retirement.
  • We will also cover extended orientation, beyond your first day.
  • Please dress accordingly for varying room temperatures.
  • Lunch will be included on your first day of New Employee Welcome

Dress Code
As NEW is your first day of work, please dress in business casual attire. Please refrain from wearing jeans or casual clothing.

If you will be attending clinical or computer education as part of your orientation, business casual or scrubs are acceptable. Please no open toed shoes, sweats, t-shirts, hoodies.

Once you complete NEW and Orientation, depending on your role, you may have specific attire requirements, such as scrubs, department issued logo attire, etc. Please check with your manager/supervisor.

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