Nurse Patient Care – LPN

Location: Wenatchee, WA
Facility: Wenatchee Valley Hospital
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Day Shift
Hours: 40

Job Description

Position Summary:

  • A clinically competent, licensed, practical nurse who delivers care to the acutely ill, swing bed or Rehab patient under the direction of an RN. Is knowledgeable in the nursing process of assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation and evaluation. Effectively interacts with patients, significant others, and other health team members, while maintaining standards of professional nursing.
Essential Functions:
  • Essential Functions:
    • In addition to providing care to acutely ill patients, the LPN is also knowledgeable of rehab philosophy and objectives. Utilizes Team approach.
      • Follows the plans of care as developed by the RN and contributes data to the RN in the development of the plan of care.
      • Develops and maintains effective communications with the primary nurse, physician, patient, family and other.
      • Seeks direction in the delivery of patient care and informs designated RN of current developments and problems, utilizing proper communication system.
    • Assist in assessment of patient’s condition, reactions, and in planning individual care.
      • Review transfer and admission information, daily progress and team notes.
      • Assist, as necessary, in the initial nursing assessment of patient (History & Physical).
      • Provide information for establishing and re-evaluating nursing goals (Nursing Care Plans, Kardex).
    • Documents and reports pertinent information.
      • Medications; aware of potential side effects
      • Uses Nursing Care Plans and Kardex as guides (present status, new problems, education).
      • Orders, per physician; requests, per therapies (include response of patient)
    • Measures and records vital signs, I & O’s, weights, and administers treatments, including sterile procedures.
    • Assists other disciplinaries in evaluation and implementation of specific goals for the patient (physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy and dietary).
    • Participates in patient education (and family education, when indicated).
      • Reinforces orientation to Rehab Treatment Plan.
      • Philosophy of rehab; schedule and regulations; expectations (see brochure)
      • Bowel and Bladder Program
      • ADL’s
      • Skin Care
      • Medication (including self-medication when ordered per M.D.)
      • Disease process (CVA, diabetes, UTI, etc)
    • Receives, transcribes and implements physician’s orders.
    • Administers medication, IV’s if certified in-house.
      • Document (including response and/or side effects)
      • Knows unit dose procedures
      • Assist in pharmacy inventory
    • Renders total nursing care, accurately charting same.
    • Provides care for patients including:
      • Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to Nursing policy and procedure.
      • Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to unit specific competencies, i.e., glucometer, telemetry, scanners and pulse oximeter, etc.
      • Demonstrates ability to handle and assist in emergency situations in a prompt, precise and professional manner.
      • Compassionately gives personal patient care to provide comfort and well being to the patient, acknowledging physiological and psychosocial needs.
      • Administers medications according to Nursing policy and procedure.
      • Observes and documents patient’s response to pertinent medications.
      • Demonstrates ability and appropriate technical skills when administering treatments and procedures in accordance with physician’s orders, and Nursing policy and procedure. (Done in a timely manner).
    • Exhibits interpersonal skills that promote a positive functioning department.
      • Communicates effectively with peers, health team members, management and physicians.
      • Maintain confidentiality of all patient-hospital or physician related information. Refrain from gossip and speak in low tones in all appropriate areas.
      • Interacts effectively with patients families and/or significant others. Always greets patients in a courteous and respectful manner; responds to patients with empathy and positive interpersonal skills. Consistently handles all request in a positive manner.
      • Adapts to changes in a positive, professional manner.
      • Supports problem solving approach to both department and patient needs.
      • Follows through on problems that may compromise patient care by using the appropriate chain of command.
      • Assists with the orientation of nursing personnel to the department.
      • Contributes to the educational experience of students assigned to the Unit.
    • Accurately and concisely processes information.
      • Give a thorough, concise report at change of shift (utilizing Kardex and personal notes).
      • Communicates appropriate information to Resource Nurse as appropriate.
      • Communicates appropriate information to physicians and other health team members in a timely manner.
      • Demonstrates accurate and timely documentation neatly and legibly according to form guidelines.
      • Correctly initiates and discontinues daily charges for equipment.
      • Accurately charges for patient supplies.
    • Maintain a safe and sanitary work environment.
      • Maintains a clean, neat, and safe environment for patient and staff according to department policies. Complies with specific hospital and departmental policies concerning safety and/or disaster plans.
      • Insures that supplies and equipment necessary for patient care are stored in an organized and efficient manner.
      • Demonstrates correct and safe technique in the use of equipment according to specific product information and policy and procedure manuals.
      • Follows appropriate procedure for obtaining and returning or cleaning/disposing of equipment and supplies.
    • Collaborates with hospital personnel and physicians.
      • Communicates effectively on a daily basis, patient needs, nursing assessments, and recommendations.
      • Collaborates with other nurses and health team members to assure the patient’s well being.
    • Actively participates in unit based Quality Assurance program.
      • Demonstrates an ongoing awareness of, and participation in the department based Quality Assurance program.
      • Is alert to potential Q.A. problems, and actively participates in solving such problems.
      • Responds with improved performance to results obtained from Q.A. monitors.
      • Assists in developing, reviewing and revising all policies and procedures, standards of care, and standard of practice for department.
    • Adheres to Hospital/Nursing Policy.
      • Observes departmental guidelines concerning unscheduled absences, overtime and tardiness.
      • Dresses according to WVMC dress code for nursing. Is conscientious in regard to personal hygiene.
      • Complies with specific hospital policy and procedure concerning infection control.
    • Assumes responsibility for self-evaluation/self improvement.
      • Participates in evaluation of self with Supervisor annually.
      • Has 100% attendance at mandatory inservices, including CPR certification meeting, and annual safety inservice.
      • Attends 75% of all staff meetings and reads and signs all minutes of meetings not attended.
      • Attends at least 2 hospital sponsored inservices annually.
      • Participation on at least one committee or project upon request, annually.
      • Consistently advocates and functions within the guidelines of the Washington Nurse Practice Act and keeps current with the legal aspects of nursing.
  • Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.
  • Required:
    • Graduate of an approved school of nursing
    • Current nursing license in the state of Washington
    • Completion of hospital orientation program
    • Must be currently certified in CPR, and recertify annually.
Additional Information

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