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Pharmacy Residency Program

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The Purpose of Our Residency

The pharmacy residency program is designed to develop pharmacists into competent and confident clinicians under the care of well-trained and passionate preceptors and mentors. We offer extensive experience in the ambulatory and inpatient environment allowing the resident to explore both areas and be qualified for a position in either setting post-graduation. The progressive team-based, geographic care model within the hospital employs pharmacists in a 1:1 ratio with our hospitalist team. This means working in the same office with your physician counterparts for close communication in the interdisciplinary care of your patient. The pharmacy leadership team are all diplomates of the ASHP pharmacy leadership academy and have designed the residency program to not only position graduates to be great clinicians, but great leaders in pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Residency Program is a 12-month program with four (4) resident positions available annually.

  • This program enables residents to participate in evidence-based, patient-centered medication management.

  • Leadership, writing, and teaching skills are developed through clinical rotations as a member of the multidisciplinary team and by participation in administrative and operational services.

  • Competency is shaped by feedback from preceptors and from self-evaluation. Each resident’s learning plan is individualized.

  • Residents are eligible for full benefits.

  • Washington pharmacist licensure is required (must be completed by September 1st).

  • A major clinical or administrative project must be completed during the course of the residency year. Project selection is a joint effort between the resident, program director, and selected pharmacist project advisors.

  • Residents are required to staff 3 shifts per month. Residents may pick up additional shifts at full pharmacist wages.

Residents develop skills to solve complex medication and healthcare-related problems through rotations in acute care, ambulatory care and leadership/management.

How to Apply for Pharmacy Residency

1. Submit application materials via PhORCAS:

  • Official pharmacy school transcripts
  • One page letter of intent
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Short Answer Essay Questions
    As part of your application please submit, via Phorcas, two short answer essay responses. Each response should be contained in one document and uploaded into Phorcas as a supplemental document. Please respond to the following questions:
    • Question 1:
      “Your curriculum vitae likely notes the significant accomplishments you’ve made in order to prepare you to be an excellent clinical pharmacist. We, perhaps, learn even more from our failures. What experiences would make it onto your failure resume and how have they helped you become who you are and prepare you for the role of pharmacy resident?” (please limit to 200 words or less)

    • Question 2:
      “In 2020 healthcare spending in the United States rose to almost 20% of GDP. This trajectory is not sustainable. What role do you see for pharmacy in helping to improve the health of our population while controlling rising costs?” (please limit to 200 words or less)

2. Complete the interview process
- Interviews will be offered either in-person or virtually

3. If matched, Confluence application instructions will follow.

PHORCAS Application Deadline is the first Friday in January.

Rotations Offered

Required Rotations:

  • Orientation
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgical/Glucose Control Team
  • Oncology – Inpatient and infusion Center
  • Critical Care
  • Progressive Care – Cardiology
  • Anticoagulation Clinic
  • Refill and Prior Authorization Cenyer
  • Primary Care

Elective Rotations:

  • Emergency Department
  • Infectious Disease/ Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Pharmacy Administration
  • Pharmacy Informatics
  • Palliative Care
  • Advanced Cardiology
  • Advanced ICU
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