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Post-Doctoral Psychology Residency

Post-Doctoral Residency Position

Confluence Health currently has 2 Post-Doctoral Residency positions for the 2023-2024 training year. Benefits will include health insurance, retirement, ~ 3 weeks of vacation and 6 holidays, gym membership stipend, and reduced rates for cell phone service (carrier dependent). All doctoral degree requirements must be completed prior to the start of the Post-Doc Residency.

Post-Doctoral Resident Tracks

Psychology Residents will have two tracks to choose from for their residency experience. The first track will entail providing care to youth and/or adults in one of our outpatient clinics located in Wenatchee. The second track will be located in one of our primary care clinics in Wenatchee, providing care as an Integrated Behavioral Health provider to youth and/or adults.

The Outpatient Psychology track involves working in an outpatient specialty behavioral health clinic, located adjacent to the main medical campus. Psychology residents involved in outpatient specialty behavioral health care will develop expertise in treating a wide range of complex behavioral health issues. The residency training experience includes conducting initial psychosocial assessments, providing short-term and/or long-term individual, couples, and group psychotherapy. Residents will be part of an integrative multidisciplinary team of providers, including licensed therapists, licensed social workers, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and nursing support. The integrative team approach affords the psychology resident the opportunity for advanced inter-professional training through consultation with members of the multidisciplinary team. Collaboration with primary care and specialty medical providers is frequent via the electronic health record. In addition to the above, the psychology resident will have the opportunity to develop their networking and professional development skills with regard to community outreach via the development and implementation of workshops within the community.

The patients served in our outpatient specialty behavioral health clinics range in age from 4 – elders and come from a variety of backgrounds, with approximately 40% receiving state / federal benefits and 60% utilizing private insurance. In addition, there is a large migrant/seasonal, monolingual Spanish-speaking farmworker population in the region and our clinic serves a small percentage of these individuals. In-house translation services are offered (online and phone), as well as via direct interpretation using in-clinic interpreters.

Although not necessarily operating from a brief model, the focus is still on providing efficient, effective care and residents will be expected to work from a treatment plan developed collaboratively with the patient and to set and meet goals within reasonable timeframes. 1-2 Psychology Residents will be placed within this track.

The overall focus of the Integrated Primary Care BH track is integrating mental health providers into medical sites. Confluence Health was an early adopter of integrating behavioral health into our medical clinics and is a huge proponent of whole-person care. Thus, the focus of training will be on growing the Psychology Resident’s knowledge of health psychology and improve skills of collaboration, short-term therapy, working with medical providers, and crisis response.

The Psychology Resident is considered part of the medical team and participates in provider meetings and is frequently sought after for their expertise. Patients with all levels of need are seen on a daily basis and preferably at their time of need. The Integrated Behavioral Health team was designed to allow the Primary Care Providers (PCPs) to contact the IBH Provider/Intern when a patient issue arises. This can be a simple meet and greet or helping patients deal with more complex types of issues (new diagnosis, diabetes, asthma, panic, depression, pain, sleep, etc.). The focus is on whatever the patient presents with that is impairing their functioning or their ability to be compliant with medical recommendations.

Therapy in the Integrated Primary Care Setting is generally focused on improved function and is brief in nature. Psychology Residents will work with children, adults, geriatrics, families and groups throughout their training. Pain management is a large focus in many of our primary care clinics, as well.

Click here for post-doctoral resident manual.

Applying for post-doctoral residency:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Current Curriculum Vitae – attach it. Do not copy/paste it into the application.
  3. Three letters of reference – one should be from your internship training director
  4. Click here to Apply Online for our current Post Doctoral Resident openings

All candidates must be licensed and now accepting both associate level and Master’s level (LMHC, LMFT, LMHCA, LMFTA) at the start of their Post-Doctoral Residency position in Washington State. Please check the Department of Health website for specific requirements and transfer of licensure to ensure you qualify.

WA State DOH Masters Licensure: Healthcare Professional Credentialing Requirement


We will continue to receive applications until all positions have been filled. The start date is open, and applicants that we are interested in will be contacted for a phone interview and possibly an onsite or virtual interview.


Behavioral Health Integrated Clinic
730 N. Emerson Ave., Suite 20
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Note: If hired, incoming Post-Doctoral Residents will be required to submit to a background check, provide a urine drug screen, and participate in an employee health visit (ensuring current immunization status) prior to beginning work. Despite marijuana being legalized, employees are not allowed to use marijuana during their employment or may be at risk of losing their position.

Confluence Health does not unlawfully discriminate or unlawfully make employment decisions on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, national origin, age or any other characteristic protected by law. Diverse applicants are encouraged to apply.

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