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Social Services

Helping Patients Find Support Outside the Hospital

Leaving the hospital can feel overwhelming sometimes. Oftentimes, people’s medical needs do not end once they’ve been discharged. They may need continued care in the form of counseling, rehabilitation, transitional care, or hospice care. This is where the dedicated social services team at Confluence Health can help.

Social workers provide supportive counseling, assist in establishing discharge goals and provide help in completing applications and referrals for support services in the home. At times, social workers assist patients and families in finding alternative living situations when the need arises. We also have a psychologist available to help patients and families cope with their new situation.

Personalizing Your Healthcare Experience

In most cases, social workers will be responsible for planning your discharge. They will be informed on the care you received at the hospital, your expected condition at discharge, and what kinds of services you’ll need once you leave. Patients typically only meet with their social workers once or twice before leaving the hospital. During these meetings, you will discuss next steps for life outside of the hospital. It is the social services team’s job to ensure you have all the resources you need for a successful recovery once you are discharged.

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