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Center of Occupational Health and Education (COHE)

Confluence Health is excited to announce the sponsorship of our own Center of Occupational Health and Education (COHE). COHE of Central WA is one of 7 COHEs partnered with the WA State Department of Labor and Industries. COHEs are tasked with providing the following services:

  • Coordinate worker care for the first year of treatment
  • Engage with employer about return-to-work options.
  • Train providers on best practices
  • Help providers implement best practices in their office(s).

To learn more about COHE Best Practices, click here.

Enrolling providers in Confluence Health and throughout Central WA

COHE services are implemented by our Health Services Coordinators (HSCs). HSCs assist providers, workers, and employers in a variety of ways. Examples of HSC standard work include:

  • Coordination and tracking of referrals.
  • Assessment of barriers to recovery.
  • Ongoing monitoring of recovery.
  • Refer to community services.
  • Assistance with medication issues.
  • Coordination of return to work.
  • Support during transitions of care.
  • Coordination of surgical care.

In addition, HSCs support providers’ best practice work and training. To learn more about HSC standard work, click here.

By working cooperatively with injured workers, employers, and providers it is our goal to return an injured worker back to work as quickly and safely as possible. The success of early return to work results in a significant decrease in long-term disability and related healthcare costs.

Have Questions?

Pete Phillips
COHE Program Manager
p: 509.664.4868 ext. 62768

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