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A full-service optical center. Patients can purchase and repair eyeglasses as well as get fitted and order contact lenses.

Vision & Eye Care

Our staff at Confluence Health eye and optical center are dedicated to keeping your vision healthy and restoring the quality of your eyesight. We specialize in comprehensive eye care.

  • Eye screenings for adults and children
  • Surgery for eye injuries and chronic disease
  • Eyeglasses and contacts

We are excited to provide you professional optical care services in a comfortable and friendly environment. Offering prescription and non-prescription glasses, contacts, sports eyewear and designer sunglasses.

Buying Glasses Online?

Is ordering glasses online a smart move?
You might get a lower price by ordering online, but are the risks worth the savings?

  • Searching for eyeglass frames online has become commonplace.
  • Nearly everything can be purchased online with a few clicks.
  • Some people want only to see how they look in a particular style. The novelty of “trying on” the frames virtually, using augmented reality technology, or receiving a selection of frames in the mail to try allows consumers to get a feel for the styles that work best for their face shape. While it may be entertaining to see different options in their own home, we caution patients about the risks associated with purchasing glasses online.
  • It's true that some online sites show lower prices on the product, allow you to shop at any time, and have a more extensive stock than what an optical store might have. So, what's the big deal?

Simply stated: It puts the health of your eyes at risk.

  • Uninformed consumers can quickly make mistakes when ordering and they risk eye strain, headaches, lost time and money. A study by the American Optometric Association (AOA), published in 2011 with the Optical Laboratories Association and The Vision Council, found nearly half of all glasses ordered online had either prescription errors or failed to meet minimum safety standards. When glasses don't fit well, are too heavy, pinch the nose or ears, or cause eyestrain and headaches, it can lower impact productivity and quality of life.
  • The individual avoids reading or doing things they enjoy because wearing their glasses is uncomfortable.

Instead of dealing with an unknown online retailer, come into one of our locations in Wenatchee or Omak and browse frames. Try on as many pairs of eyeglasses as you like. Let the expert opticians at Confluence Health take care of you. They will ensure you find the frame you desire, get the fit you will want, and receive the perfect pair of glasses using your prescription and precise measurements.

To schedule an appointment, call (509) 433-3390

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