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Surgical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation doctor and patientWhen surgery is needed, working with a physical therapist can make your experience easier and facilitate recovery to your maximum potential. Confluence Health PT’s are part of the health care team for your surgical care.

Prehab (Pre-Rehabilitation)

When your surgery is planned, meeting with a physical therapist before your procedure can set you up for success. Are you wondering what you can do now to prepare for the quickest recovery? A PT can make recommendations and prescribe specific exercises for you. You will also learn ways to reduce your post-surgical pain, movements to start immediately after your procedure, and what to avoid. This pre-surgery education can make a big difference in your experience.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Working with a physical therapist after surgery will help you manage post-operative pain and set you on a path toward full recovery. In the early post-operative phase, techniques to reduce swelling and pain are initial priorities. Manual therapies to reduce scar adhesions can promote healing and restore normal mobility of the surrounding tissue. Appropriately-dosed exercise guides the cellular healing process and promotes strong and healthy tissues. Custom and specific exercise progressions guide you toward achieving a full recovery, so you can get back to the activities that you enjoy.

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