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Therapy for Work Related Injuries

Workers in the workplace We offer a comprehensive industrial and occupational program approved by the state to treat employees under Workers’ Compensation regulations. Our comprehensive program treats acute and chronic conditions resulting from any work-related injury. The ultimate goal is to help an injured worker return to their full abilities both on the job and at home, because we know that an injury extends beyond the work site.

Personalized physical therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain. Our team of experts will then design a treatment plan based on work-related needs and goals. Research shows that getting an injured worker back to work quickly and safely reduces the chance of long term disability and challenges.

The Physical or Occupational Therapist Treating an Injured Worker Will:

  • Provide a progressive and individualized therapy program to return the injured worker back to work safely.Woman picking apples
  • Assist the injured worker assess their return-to-work abilities addressing concerns and brainstorming ways to complete tasks safely during recovery
  • Coordinate with case managers, adjustors and risk/safety managers to help reduce time-loss related to the injury

We also perform Post-offer Employment/Fit-for-employment screens for newly hired employees.

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