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Therapy for Vestibular Conditions

Dizziness and motion sensitivity is a complex issue that affects a large percentage of the population. There are many causes of dizziness—the most common cause is an inner ear problem, due to a dysfunction of the vestibular organ. This fascinating complex is no larger than your pinky nail but accounts for a considerable role in your balance and equilibrium sense and vision. While vestibular therapy is not limited to physical therapists, with advance training PT’s are the most qualified to treat vestibular dysfunction.

Dysfunction of the vestibular system can take on many forms and each individual will be assessed. An individual treatment plan aims to improve mobility and independence with daily activities. Common areas of focus with vestibular treatment includes:

  • Improving balance performance
  • Resolving brain or motion sense with inner ear signals
  • Improving stability and focus of the vision

For many individuals, treatment can be very quick. One condition, called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), can often be corrected in a single visit by a skilled clinician. Repositioning maneuvers are the gold standard of treatment for displaced crystals of the inner ear that cause symptoms of vertigo. Self-treatment techniques can be learned to address future episodes. Other conditions can take a much longer time frame to improve.

Regardless of the cause of your vestibular disorder, research supports early intervention following a brain or vestibular problem.

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