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Specialty Clinics

Programs Designed to Restore Independence & Mobility

Patients who have lost a limb or been confined to a wheelchair need time to adjust and learn how to remain independent. This is why we have specialty rehabilitation clinics designed for these purposes. Our Amputee Clinic, Wheelchair Clinic, and Spine Clinic help patients who have reduced mobility and range of motion.

Amputee Clinic

Losing a limb does not mean losing your independence. At the Amputee Clinic, patients work with experienced rehab specialists who focus on building programs for amputee patients. At this clinic, patients will learn how to manage their wounds and live life without the missing limb.

Services offered include:

  • Education on how to dress and care for wounds
  • Learning how to perform tasks without the missing limb
  • Prosthetic fitting and training
  • Training on using assistive devices
  • Mental health counseling

Wheelchair Clinic

Learning how to use a wheelchair is a process, but one that greatly benefits patients who have limited mobility. There are numerous types of wheelchairs designed for different functions, so we’ll need to learn more about you and your home life in order to find the right one for you.

At the Wheelchair Clinic, we help patients learn how adjust and properly utilize their wheelchairs. This will cover basic things that make day-to-day life easier, like how to get in and out of the chair, how to get in and out of vehicles, where to look for ramps and handicap spaces, traveling over different types of terrain, physical activities you can do in the chair, and more.

Spine Clinic

Spine injuries can lead to debilitating conditions that severely limit your mobility. The spine specialists at the Spine Clinic help patients find the source of their pain and develop a personalized treatment plan to regain their independence. Whether through medication, surgery, rehabilitation, or a combination of all three, our dedicated team helps patients find a way forward.

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