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Vascular Surgery

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In our Confluence Health Vascular Surgery department, individualized, patient-centered care is our top priority. We treat a variety of arterial and venous problems and offer recommendations both surgical and non-surgical. We offer an ICAVL accredited vascular lab that offers detailed, thorough ultrasound exams to look at arteries and veins.
Our vascular surgeons specialize in problems with arteries and veins but also look at the whole of you – your global health and who you are – in making treatment decisions that are right for you.

We work with your family provider and health team to make a treatment plan. If surgery or an intervention is not recommended, we will refer you back to your provider with a recommendation for non-interventional therapies. These can include medication, exercise, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes.

As a relatively small organization, Confluence Health providers know each other and work together closely to offer you well-coordinated and up-to-date care.

Our vascular lab is located in the same department which makes visits even more convenient. All surgeries and interventions are currently performed in Wenatchee.

What you can expect when you come to us:

  • Excellent care with experienced physicians – in our department every visit is with a surgeon. We offer top of the line care.
  • Excellent working relationships with other medical specialties to bring you optimal collaborative care. Your care team includes surgeons, imaging technologists, wound care experts, and rehabilitation specialists.
  • We will do our best to have outside radiographic images and relevant medical notes already sent to us so we know your background before the visit.
  • Guidance through the process of what can be complicated care with insurance, specialist referrals, imaging procedures, and interventions. Regular communication with you and your family provider to make sure the process is smooth, and everyone is on the same page.

Please call (509) 433-3850 to schedule, confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments with your Vascular team.

We are primarily based in the Cardiovascular Department in the main hospital building of Confluence Health Hospital | Central Campus.

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