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Pharmacy Residency Program Testimonials

What Our Residents are Saying

Confluence Health’s PGY1 residency program offers a unique opportunity to learn in a rural setting, while providing experiences similar to that of a much larger facility. Pharmacy residents work directly with hospitalists and the multi-disciplinary team to make therapeutic interventions and develop clinical skills. The array of rotation options and flexibility empower residents to delve into areas aligning with their interests, while also providing opportunities for new learning experiences. Residency preceptor’s unwavering support not only maximizes resident learning but also prioritizes a positive work-life balance. Confluence Health offers a well-rounded residency experience that leaves you feeling prepared to practice as a clinical pharmacist.

– Maya Dahlgren

photo of Hebat Bakhach
Confluence Health is a great place to do your PGY-1. You will get a lot of experience in the different rotations and the people here are incredibly nice and kind. Everyone here supports the residents and their learning experience, this includes doctors, nurses, mid-level providers and other pharmacists. You will get a lot of one-on-one attention here which you will not find in other places. Plus, the residency director will match the residency with your goals and if necessary will create new rotations for your interests. I have to say Confluence Health really does value work-life balance and walks their talk. I highly recommend Confluence Health for a PGY-1 residency.

– Hebat Bakhach

Photo of Stefanie Kerns
I chose Confluence Health for my residency because it offers the learning opportunities I was looking for based in a smaller community focused health system that still offers many diverse specialties. This program places a priority on personalizing the experience with mentors, resident projects that align with personal goals, and a variety of elective rotations that can be molded to a resident’s interest. The culture of the pharmacist team is focused on teaching residents, as well as continued learning from one another. Working on the floor, preceptors and residents both round and are stationed with the medical team allowing for real time communication and relationship building with physicians, PAs, specialists, and case managers.

– Stefanie Kerns

portrait of Alexa Mitchell

Confluence Health offers PGY1 Pharmacy Residents the unique opportunity to participate in team-based medicine in a rural health setting. Within the main campus of Confluence Health Hospital | Central Campus, interdisciplinary team rounding and sharing a common business center enhance professional bonds while fostering a great learning environment as a young clinician. The ability to practice at the top of our license with support from pharmacists and practitioner allows us to make the most of every opportunity during our year. In addition to caring for the people of North Central Washington, residents are able to take in sights and activities around the region.

– Alexa Mitchell, PharmD

portrait of Brandon PetersenConfluence Health offers a full spectrum experience for their PGY1 Pharmacy Residents. The residency program builds a solid foundation in core practice areas which are essential to any clinical pharmacist. Confluence Health makes it a priority to personalize the residency experience by establishing mentor relationships, assigning resident projects that align with their personal goals and providing opportunities to explore interests in a wide breadth of elective rotations. The patient demographic at Confluence Health is as diverse and expansive as the geographical region they serve in Washington, thereby giving the pharmacists at Confluence Health the distinguished capacity to practice at the top of their license. Serving the people of the Pacific Northwest, you will expand your knowledge and skill in one of the most beautiful regions in our country!

– Brandon Petersen, PharmD

portrait of Jillian CoonsConfluence Health provides a positive work environment with people always willing to help you and who want to see you succeed. This program gives residents many opportunities to make an impact in patient care with being involved in daily multidisciplinary rounds, providing direct patient education, and through the management of multiple protocols. The pharmacists here have built strong relationships with the providers, which allows for residents to be able to work closely with them.

– Jillian Coons, PharmD

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