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A Great Place to Work

Confluence Health is a great place to pursue your career in medicine. Here are a few reasons why we think you’ll agree.

Our Physician Staff

Physician recruitment and retention are our strengths. We are an exceptional health care organization in large part because of the caliber and commitment of our medical staff. Our physicians have trained in the nation’s best programs, with many having held previous faculty appointments. Physicians are supported by their colleagues and by an organization that recognizes physicians as key and essential contributors. Confluence Health strives to provide everything that physicians need for effective and efficient practice—whether it be support staff, equipment, or facilities. We recognize that a physician’s knowledge and time are valued resources.

Information Technology

Confluence Health excels in using technology to enhance patient care. All of our regional clinics are linked by high-speed internet connections, and each of our exam rooms is equipped with network access.

The centerpiece of our technology is Epic, our electronic medical record system. Through Epic’s “one patient, one record” approach, our patients’ health records can be securely shared between our medical practitioners and facilities, enabling faster, better care. Plus, our patients can access their health information online anytime via the “MyChart” portal, through which they can look up lab or test results, renew prescriptions, request or cancel appointments, contact their care team and manage their children’s health information.

To support our technology needs, we have our own team of IT professionals and Epic support staff.

Community Support

Confluence Health is one of the region’s major employers. Beyond the positive economic impact, we also strive to be a good neighbor to North Central Washington. We are active in each of the communities where we have offices, and generously support community activities that contribute to the quality of life.

Compassionate Care

Confluence Health has established a formal charitable care program that, last year, provided more the $17 million in deeply discounted or free care. Confluence Health has historically made its services available to all area residents without regard to insurance coverage or ability to pay. This is a tradition that provides both physicians and support staff a strong measure of satisfaction, and is one of many reasons Confluence Health has a reputation for compassion and clinical excellence.

Area Hospitals

Confluence Health has two hospitals in the Wenatchee area and supports other hospitals throughout North Central Washington.

Confluence Health Hospital | Central Campus is a 206-bed community hospital offering a comprehensive range of care through cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and hospitalist/surgical hospitalist programs. It is one of five hospitals in the state with a Level II trauma designation.

Confluence Health Hospital | Mares Campus has six operating rooms and a high-caliber support staff, offering physicians and patients a convenient and comfortable hospital experience. Confluence Health Hospital | Mares Campus also houses an inpatient rehabilitation service that is CARF certified and very highly regarded.

Our Moses Lake location is supported by Samaritan Hospital, a 50-bed facility that has experienced strong growth and development over the past decade.

Two other community hospitals supported by Confluence Health physicians are Mid-Valley Hospital in Omak and North Valley Hospital in Tonasket. Both of these hospitals provide surgical and staffed emergency room services.

Corporate Culture

Shared decision making is a cornerstone to the corporate culture at Confluence Health. There’s a strong sense among physicians that they’re an important part of something bigger than themselves.

From hallway and quick phone consults to rigorous cancer conferences, physicians rely on each other’s expertise. Strong mentoring relationships are built. “Work hard and play hard” is a common theme, largely reflective of the high level of trust in each other. There’s plenty to do when you’re on and you’re left alone when you’re off.

Our mission is to improve our patients’ health by providing safe, high-quality care in a compassionate and cost-effective manner. Our organization is committed to assisting in the development of one of the nation’s best rural healthcare delivery systems.

Together, however, the mission reflects our daily reality. Linked by a spirit of teamwork and modern tools such as our own proprietary computerized medical record, physician services reach 263,000 patients over 12,000 square miles. No one physician, department, nor clinic can meet those needs. Collectively, however, Confluence Health’s physicians and staff continually prove that the founding physicians were right – physicians can enjoy professionally rewarding careers with a high quality of life here.

If you like teamwork, don’t mind if decisions to remodel a department, for example, might take a little longer because many people are involved, want to go to sleep each night knowing that both the medicine and business aspects are solid, don’t mind taking a little longer in the grocery store because you see people you know, and prefer fairness overall, Confluence Health just might be a great fit for you.

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