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What We Look For

Successful candidates will be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19, unless a medical or religious exemption applies.

What We Look for in a Physician

The following attributes characterize the type of physician who fits in well at Wenatchee Valley Medical Group and offers the greatest potential for a long-term, mutually rewarding association.

1. Prefers practicing interdependently as part of a large team of care providers.

  • Values the opportunity for ongoing interaction with colleagues

  • Dedicated to working toward the goals of the organization to assure the success of the entire group as well as his/her own success

  • Able to work harmoniously amongst other practitioners to share resources and ideas and solve common problems

  • Able to project a positive image as a representative of Wenatchee Valley Medical Group in the community

2. Dedicated to developing strong patient relationships and has the personal skills to do so.

  • Manner in dealing with patients reflects compassion and a sincere interest in their well being

  • Believes in taking the time to listen to patient concerns and provide each with a clear understanding of their condition

  • Manages his/her practice in a manner that minimizes patient inconvenience (i.e., waiting time, rescheduling)

3. Appreciates the business and administrative advantages of working within a large organization and is willing and able to conform to a certain degree of organizational structure and direction.

  • Willing to adhere to organizational policy and procedure

  • Willing to embrace management practices and principles adopted by the organization

  • Able and willing to provide input and leadership as an active partner during the course of his/her career

  • Generally comfortable adapting to changing business conditions typical of a large multi-specialty clinic

  • Accepting of on-call responsibilities

4. Is comfortable practicing in a cost-effective environment.

  • Willing to meet the challenges of providing high quality care while attempting to control the costs to doing so

  • Accepting of a reward/compensation system based on practice efficiency as well as production

  • Capable of effective case management

5. Values the quality of life associated with a non-urban environment and has interests which coincide with the offerings of the region and community.

  • Enjoys involvement in community and civic affairs

  • Values activities which are family oriented

  • Appreciates the availability of abundant outdoor recreational opportunities

  • Prefers a balanced professional/personal lifestyle

  • Prefers the diversity of a four-season climate

6. Values the role of each member of the support staff and is able to generate effective working relationships and contribute to staff morale and productivity.

  • Consistently friendly and courteous with all staff members

  • Willing to share knowledge with staff members who can benefit from it

  • Able to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, all information required by staff

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