Suicide Prevention Training

Confluence Health’s Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training.

Presented by Dr. Julie Rickard.


All training will be held at the Confluence Health Sleep Center conference room on Miller Street from 5:15-6:45 p.m. This training is for the public and Confluence Health employees, family and friends.

This QPR Gatekeeper training is a 90 minute training designed for anyone (teens and adults) interested in having the skills to save a life. It focuses on debunking the myths of suicide, learning the risk factors, understanding how to communicate with a suicidal person, and learning what next steps to follow to ensure help is received in a timely manner. Community members and healthcare workers are encouraged to take this opportunity to be prepared. Research shows it is likely to be someone you know.

Thus, it is imperative to ensure you can respond appropriately when called to action at home or at work. Local resources will be provided and discussed.

 May 25
Sept. 28
Oct. 12
Nov. 9
Dec 7


To Register: Call Lisa Bozett at (509) 664-3475. (x2448)
Walk-ins are always welcome!