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Samir Sleiman| IT - Solutions Technician

36 Years with Confluence Health

Samir knows a thing or two about change. Resilient, adaptable, and constantly progressing, Samir always took things in stride, be it political upheaval, international moves, or the computer revolution.
Having grown up in Lebanon, Samir learned this adaptability early on as he and his fellow elementary school classmates would let each other know the daily changes to their walking route to avoid car bombs due to political unrest. When the Lebanese Civil War broke out when he was 16, he made plans to leave his home in the coastal city of Tripoli. As a young man of 18, he moved to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and eventually found himself adapting to a unique blending of cultures working far from home as a native speaker of Arabic in a hospital specializing in western medicine staffed mostly by Americans. Despite the culture shock, Samir soon found his place working in admitting and, while there, met his wife Debbie. After getting married, Samir again placed himself on a path of change when he and Debbie decided to start again in her home country: the United States.
After bouncing around – spending three months in Virginia, another three in Phoenix – they found themselves in the Pacific Northwest, close to Debbie’s family. Pregnant with their first child, their daughter arrived while they were living in Wenatchee and was delivered at Central Washington Hospital. Having an excellent experience while there, and having both previously worked in healthcare, Samir and Debbie found themselves applying, a decision that would lead them both to serve for nearly four decades at the hospital that brought their daughter into the world.
But this wasn’t an end to the change in Samir’s life. After first starting in admitting, he later transferred to outpatient ambulatory care and then finally to information technology (IT). Previously only a hobby, Samir took his love of tinkering with computers and transformed it into a multi-decade career. Starting out with primitive machines running MS-DOS, Samir witnessed the computing revolution, helping keep healthcare delivery on the cutting edge of technology as it grew and expanded.
Adapting to yet another culture, integrating into new work norms in a new language, and strengthening an international marriage were challenges. At times, he struggled with his accent, the newness of it all, and a few people who were less than welcoming to someone from a different background, yet he nevertheless always had those who encouraged him to take the next step, to keep speaking, to keep growing. And through it all, Samir kept leaning into the change, adapting to each, as a network of friends, family, and coworkers uplifted and made him feel welcome and a part of the team.
Now a father of two who proudly watches as his two daughters find their own paths, he is still happy to play a role each day in providing top-quality care in an ever-changing world, because he’s never been afraid to adapt.

- Samir is a husband, father, and not one to give up easily

- Samir is an IT technician who keeps healthcare on the leading edge of technology

- Samir is Confluence Health