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Preparing for Your Knee or Hip Surgeryhand on knees

Our surgeons perform over 600 total knee joint replacement surgeries and 250 total hip procedures each year and have earned a 5-star rating for Total Knee Replacement, as well as been named one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery. They have also received the Joint Replacement excellence Award and Outstanding Patient Experience Award multiple years in a row.
We are committed to prepare, engage and empower our patients through a total joint education program that minimizes recovery time and improves their overall function. This guide is designed to give you the important information you need to achieve the best outcome from your joint replacement surgery. It is your workbook and provides several checklists to keep you on track before, during, and after your surgery.

This page provides additional materials to help you as you prepare for and recover from your procedure. Follow these links for more information about your upcoming surgery and recovery.

Confluence Health

The following link leads to Confluence Health’s main website. From there, you can find more links about your surgery and hospital stay, Advance Care Planning, accommodations, and much more:

Knee Replacement Surgery

Resources on Knee replacement surgery, as well as a short video explaining knee replacement surgery. It explains why the surgery is needed and how it is performed:

Hip Replacement Surgery

Resources on Hip replacement surgery, as well as a short video explaining Hip replacement surgery. It explains why the surgery is needed and how it is performed:

Programs to Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking can not only lead to necessary surgeries but can also cause complications during surgeries that are not related to a smoking habit. The following contains information regarding quit-smoking programs for in-person, telephone based, online and text messaging programs:

National Tobacco Quit

The following link provides information about second hand smoke including ways to protect your family, the health effects and smoke-free policies in Washington State:

Joint Care Prep Classes

For those preparing for a total joint care surgery, this is a class that is available to you to help you prepare for your surgery. This classes will teach you what to expect during your surgery, hospital stay and recovery:

Advance Care Planning Free Workshop

It is always important to learn about Advance Care Planning so you can be prepared in case you cannot speak for yourself. The following link includes information about our free Advance Care Planning workshop:

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