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Confluence Health Logos

The Confluence Health logo is designed to work for many different design formats and applications. Below you will find our logo in JPEG and PNG format, and in color, black and white, and white versions.

Proportion and Spacing

Correct proportion and spacing of the logo elements, should be maintained when reproducing the logo.

Please click on the links for full size versions of our logos:

  1. Full size version will open in new window.
  2. Right click you mouse for menu.
  3. Click “Save As” and save to computer.

Confluence Health Logo – Color – JPEG

Confluence health logo color JPEG

Confluence Health Logo – Color – PNG

Confluence health logo color PNG

Confluence Health Logo – Black – JPEG

Confluence logo black JPEG

Confluence Health Logo – Black – PNG

Confluence logo black PNG

Confluence Health Logo – White – PNG

Confluence logo white PNG

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