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We Are Confluence

Local Care By and For Our Community.

At Confluence Health, we are the community we serve. Our patients are our friends, family, and neighbors. We are fathers and mothers. We are hikers, singers, travelers, and board game enthusiasts. We are advocates for joy. We are adaptable and don’t give up easily. We are friends and we are family. We are our community.

Because at Confluence Health, we are local care by and for our community.

  • Miguel Diaz | Facility Engineering

    23 Years with Confluence Health

    For Miguel, it’s all about connection. A connection to his family, friends, the land, and all the parts of life that make it worth living. Community and that connection is what brings it all together.

    - Miguel is a father, friend, and avid outdoorsman

    - Miguel is an engineer who helps his organization have the tools to save lives

    - Miguel is Confluence Health

  • Samir Sleiman | IT - Solutions Technician

    36 Years with Confluence Health

    Samir knows a thing or two about change. Resilient, adaptable, and constantly progressing, Samir always took things in stride, be it political upheaval, international moves, or the computer revolution.

    - Samir is a husband, father, and not one to give up easily

    - Samir is an IT technician who keeps healthcare on the leading edge of technology

    - Samir is Confluence Health

  • Dr. TJ Grasch | Family Physician/Research Medical Director

    2 Years with Confluence Health

    For Dr. Grasch – or you might just know him as TJ – everything and everyone is interconnected. Communities are an opportunity to come together and learn, an opportunity to give back and contribute by being a part of the greater whole.

    - TJ is a hiker, singer, and board game enthusiast

    - TJ is a family physician who gives back to his patients and community

    - TJ is Confluence Health

  • Katina Maier |

    Chief People & Strategy Officer

    Started December 2022 with Confluence Health

    At her core, Katina knows its all about people. It’s about who you care for, who you wake up to help, and who you call your family. And even though family comes in all forms – be they blood relatives, friends who become family by choice, or even pets – they’re what makes it all worth it.

    - Katina is a mom, traveler, and an advocate for joy

    - Katina is a healthcare leader who knows it’s the people who make it all possible

    - Katina is Confluence Health