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At Confluence Health, our success is measured by our patients satisfaction with our services and the care they receive when visiting our medical centers. We take great pride in our patients and their courage to overcome physical challenges, from pain management to cancer care and treatments.

While we’re always interested in knowing how we’re doing in serving our community, what’s most important is how our patients are doing following their diagnosis and treatment in our facilities.


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“I am always treated with respect, honesty and dignity. The care provided is above and beyond.” – Margaret M

I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma on the center of my back, being new to the Wenatchee community and not being familiar with local doctors or your facility, this was really scary news. Having moved here from the west side of the mountains, my family insisted that I contact Seattle and go there for any further medical care. In retrospect, I am so thankful that I chose to stay in Wenatchee.

My Initial visit was with Dr. Molly Hogan and I was struck by her person telephone call to my home, and her immediate follow-up action. That was followed by an appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Darren Hess who again demonstrated a level of caring and professionalism that I have not experienced from any medical provider.

It was not just the doctors who exceeded expectations in their level of care and professionalism. Every staff member that my family and I came in contact with introduced themselves, shook hands, smiled, and most of all explained whatever procedures they were doing. It was by far, one of the most reassuring medical experiences that I have ever had. At a time when faced with the possibility of a very serious cancer, there is not a medical facility anywhere, where I would choose to be rather than at the Confluence Health.

Happily, my lymph node biopsy results were negative for cancer and I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy many more years in this community.

Thank you, for all of your management efforts and for making patient care the highest priority in your facility. You have an amazing staff and team of doctors.”

– Margaret L

“We were blown away by the service from your hospital. Everyone was so friendly and professional, they made my dad feel like he was part of a family. For example, after he was transferred out of the ICU, he was walking in the halls of the PCU when a staff member walked out of the ICU area and called him by name and told him how great he was doing. My dad was shocked but pleased that they would remember him.

I also wanted to recognize Dr. William Murray and Joel Rhyner, PAC for their caring and compassion they showed, as well as, their expertise and thorough explanations of what was going on. I felt like my father and I both were well informed throughout our hospital stay. I also wanted to recognize Jeff Stevens, MSW for his involvement with the planning and care of the patient, as well as, information me of local resourced during my father’s stat at CWH.”

– Toni and Edward B

“I brought my daughter to the Walk-in Clinic for a possible ear infection. Dr. Anthony Chambers looked at my daughter from a few feet away and asked if I had every had her thyroid checked because it looked enlarged. I had not. I was surprised at the suggestion, but followed up with our family doctor. After blood work, and a referral, my daughter was diagnosed with a goiter and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This was a life changing diagnosis. No other healthcare provider had ever observed my daughter’s enlarged thyroid before. Words cannot thank him enough. He is an outstanding provider and I have told all of my friends and family about how he observed the enlarged thyroid. Everyone was amazed (even other physicians). He is a valuable member of your staff, someone I would highly recommend.”
– Joyce S

“I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to the Geriatrics Team and Dr. Timiars. Both my mom and dad are failing and being able to have Stephanie come to the home and assess them has meant so much. Mom has Dementia as well as congestive Heart Failure and Dad is in his last stages of Dementia failure so transporting them to the medical Center is very difficult for me.

Their wishes are to remain in their home till the end and so far, with the help of this program I have been able to honor their wishes. Dad has recently been accepted to the Hospice Program, and again to honor his wish, we are working a team to navigate through his end of life journey.

This program has made a huge difference in the level of care for my parents.”

 – Linda H

“I would like to express my gratitude for services received at Confluence Health. I was suffering from a condition that had brought my life to a complete stop. Thanks to the help of your specialists, I have been up and running at full speed for the last seven months. I am so glad to have my life back! Thank you for the outstanding treatment.”
 – Daniel P

“Dr. Celerian is a magnificent provider in which she is always efficient and caring. She always takes the time to listen to my concerns, ailments, and questions. Her dedication to my care has been outstanding. I feel confident, comfortable, and trustful in her expert hands. I appreciate having her as my medical provider.

I hope to have her continue my care for as long as she continues at Confluence Health. I want to applaud your excellent administrative skills in hiring such superb and high quality providers for your medical clientele.”

– Ricardo N