Patient Testimonials

At Confluence Health, our success is measured by our patients satisfaction with our services and the care they receive when visiting our medical centers. We take great pride in our patients and their courage to overcome physical challenges, from pain management to cancer care and treatments.

While we’re always interested in knowing how we’re doing in serving our community, what’s most important is how our patients are doing following their diagnosis and treatment in our facilities.


“I am always treated with respect, honesty and dignity. The care provided is above and beyond.” – Margaret M

“I would like to thank you for the exceptional care I received from the staff while I was a patient on the surgical/orthopedic unit. From the doctors to the housekeepers, I was treated with care and respect. I was especially impressed with the hospitalist services. It is nice to know that our hospital can offer superior care to its patients that rival the larger hospitals.

Thank you and all those involved with my care from the bottom of my heart.” – David S

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“I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to the Geriatrics Team and Dr. Timiars. Both my mom and dad are failing and being able to have Stephanie come to the home and assess them has meant so much. This program has made a huge difference in the level of care for my parents.”  – Linda H

“Since establishing care with Confluence Health I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of care, positive attitudes and level of professionalism. Thank you for making my treatment and recovery as comfortable as possible.” – Amanda C

“My son was recently seen in ER, Radiology, OR and Pediatrics. Each encounter was very positive—everyone was kind, informative, helpful and compassionate. We are so grateful for Confluence Health.” – Nicole D


“I recently moved to another part of the country and wanted to let you know how great the people I saw at Confluence Health were. Trying to find a replacement has been a difficult task.” – Sarah W

“From the minute I came into the department I was treated warm, kindly and with reassurance. My experience truly exceeded my expectations!” – Susan C

“Our daughter has a particularly difficult to treat medical condition. Through the past five years we have had many emergencies and time sensitive situations. We have needed much help communicating with the doctors. RN, Klara Higgins is always available, extremely prompt in returning calls, articulate and patient in explaining the doctor’s wishes and kind and compassionate, I could go on. Klara has been a large variable in the overall health of our entire family and we will be forever grateful.” – Holly F

“My wife and I truly appreciate the care we have received. You are the best!” -Ernie and Vicki H

“I would like to express my gratitude for services received at Confluence Health. I was suffering from a condition that had brought my life to a complete stop. Thanks to the help of your specialists, I have been up and running at full speed for the last seven months. I am so glad to have my life back! Thank you for the outstanding treatment.” Daniel P

“I am an EWU physical therapy student completing one of my clinical internships at CWH. I had the privilege of observing a couple of patients using the Ekso skeleton at the hospital. I was amazed to see the difference it makes in their ability to walk and the benefits it brings to the patient! I witnessed the blessing and hoy of someone with a SCI to stand up and walk, a stroke patient able to practice normal gait pattern safely, and I saw the potential of providing neural feedback to the brain to re-learn movement patterns.

As a PT student, it was really exciting and encouraging to see the possibilities that are available and being developed, and how they are benefiting patients’ lives. Thank you for your help in bringing the Ekso skeleton to the Wenatchee area, for the blessing is it to the patients who get to use it, and for the learning opportunity it provided me.” – Suzie S

“We were blown away by the service from your hospital. Everyone was so friendly and professional, they made my dad feel like he was part of a family. The healthcare professional we kind and caring.” – Toni and Edward B

“Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for Confluence Health. The Hospice team respected my mom’s last wishes and for that my family is forever grateful.” – Sallee C

“Your surgeons are top-notch. We are so very grateful to have such well-credentialed medical professionals in the Valley. I won’t ever have to travel out of the area for my health concerns.” – Marlene B

“After just moving here from the west side of the mountains I was diagnosed with a medical condition. My initial visit was with Dr. Molly Hogan and I was struck by her personal telephone call to my home, and her immediate follow-up action. That was followed by an appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Darren Hess who again demonstrated a level of caring and professionalism that I have not experienced from any medical provider. Every staff member that my family and I came in contact with introduced themselves, shook hands, smiled and most of all explained whatever procedures they were doing. It was by far, one of the most reassuring medical experiences that I have ever had.” – Margaret L

“Dr. Celerian is a magnificent provider in which she is always efficient and caring. She always takes the time to listen to my concerns, ailments, and questions. Her dedication to my care has been outstanding. I feel confident, comfortable, and trustful in her expert hands. I appreciate having her as my medical provider.” – Ricardo N



“We have been steady patients of the Wenatchee Valley Clinic since my husband’s diagnosis, and we are always impressed with the clinic, the services, and especially the people who work there.” – Diane M

“I brought my daughter to the clinic for a simple concern, and Dr. Anthony Chambers looked at her from a few feet away and told me to follow up with her family doctor over an issue he noticed. After some tests, she was diagnosed. This was a life changing diagnosis. No other healthcare provider had ever observed my daughter before like Dr. Chambers. Words cannot thank him enough. He is an outstanding provider.” – Joyce S