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Virtual Visits Resources & Benefits

Virtual Visits – also known as telehealth — is a real time, online visit with a provider. Virtual visits are an additional way to see a provider when an in-person visit may not be accessible or convenient.

What is Virtual Visits?
  • Virtual Visit appointments allow for a flexible location for the patient and the provider
  • Patients receive a virtual visit with their provider over video chat technology, similar to Skype or FaceTime, but with a sophisticated, high-security network that allows the doctor to assess them without being in the same room
Why Virtual Visits?
  • Eases the burden of travel and provide greater access to your providers
  • Brings health care to where you are; it’s the first step of many to give our patients exactly what they need when they need it, in the most comfortable way possible
  • Provides coverage for a wide range of specialties, including:
    • Urgent Care Virtual Visit
    • Medication Management
    • Chronic Condition Management
What can be treated using our Virtual Visit Services?
Our providers may be able to treat conditions that you currently would need to see your provider for, such as:
  • Colds, flu, fever,headaches, sore throat, or nasal congestion
  • Stomach viruses, constipation, or acid reflux
  • Rashes, pink eye,cold sores, bites, or stings
  • Bladder infection and more

If your illness or injury is serious, you will be directed to the appropriate clinic, or the closest Emergency Department.

Can I get a prescription for all medications?
Yes. However, you must see a doctor or provider in person if you need a controlled medication, such as a narcotic pain medication.

Will I be billed for this service?
This service is no different than any other clinic appointment. It is submitted to your insurance plan or national private health insurance program.

Patient Experience
At Confluence Health, we are committed to providing a remarkable patient experience. By working collaboratively with referring physicians and community providers, our virtual specialists provide seamless and exceptional care for patients that is convenient and easy to access.

Remarkable people, remarkably cared for
Need medical attention but cannot leave home or it’s the middle of the night? Confluence Health Virtual Care Clinic is easy, fast and affordable. Caregivers are on call, via phone or video chat, 24/7 to treat minor or routine medical conditions like cold, flu, rash or infections. And no appointment is necessary.


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