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Oncology Support

Oncology Social Worker / Integrated Behavioral Health Support

We provide supportive services to ease your journey. We understand, and rightly so, that a Hand holdingperson’s physical well-being: treatment, side effects, doctor’s visits, and tests are the main focus when diagnosed with cancer. But we know there are other parts of life affected by cancer as well. Oncology Social Workers and Behavioral Health Specialists understand the complex issues that come with having cancer such as self-image, work, family, friendships, and your approach to living.

Oncology social workers and behavioral health specialists are licensed professionals who can support patients and families affected by cancer in a variety of ways. They can provide counseling to assist with distress, locate services that help with home care or transportation, locate a support group, find financial support and guide individuals though the process of applying for Social Security disability or other forms of assistance. They are available to help face-to-face or by telephone.

Our Oncology Social Workers and Behavioral Health Specialists

Mary Vargas, MSW
Confluence Health Hospital | Mares Campus & Clinics Campus
.509.663.8711, ext 2915

Kelly Drayer, Ph.D., Integrated Behavioral Health Specialist
Moses Lake Campus
509.764.6400, ext 8052

Jessy Regnier, Psy.D., Integrated Behavioral Health Specialist
Confluence Health Hospital | Mares Campus & Clinics Campus
509.664.4868, ext 4305

Providing Emotional Support

Counseling: Feeling stressed or anxious while coping with cancer is common. You may also experience your body reacting differently or feel tired more often. Face-to-face or telephone counseling provides a safe space to voice any concerns to better cope with these changes and other distress you may be experiencing.

Support Groups: Confluence Health partners with local non-profit groups who support cancer patients (Wellness Place, Columbia Basin Cancer Foundation, Room One) to offer a variety of support groups that provide an opportunity to meet with others facing similar challenges.

Community Programs: An Oncology Social Worker can help find local resources for anyone affected by cancer.

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