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Cancer Research

MicroscopeConfluence Health’s Cancer Research Mission Statement

Confluence Health strives through its cancer research program and clinical trials to provide patients in our rural community access to the most novel and scientifically promising treatments being developed against cancer.

Confluence Health’s Cancer Research Values

Community—We strive to deliver consistent, high-quality, comprehensive cancer care in a community setting.
Caring—We are committed to a steadfast focus on patient safety with compassionate care for the whole patient.
Value—We employ scientifically sound drug development and clinical trial design.
Innovation—We are dedicated to developing and improving clinical trial implementation, seeking new ways to advance and bring innovative ideas to reality in a rural community.
Collaboration—We engage in partnerships with like-minded organizations to help us reach our common goals

To inquire about participating in one of our research trials, please click here.

Contact Us

  • Phone: 509.665.5800
  • Fax: 509.664.7177

Oncology Current Studies

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